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Baby Sleepy Time Lotion – 4 fl.oz x 1
Natural lavender calm sleep lotion helps you and baby relax. Enriched with pure New Zealand lavender oil.
*EXP: Dec/2022

Chamomile Baby Body Wash and Shampoo – 4 fl.oz x 1
Natural delicate baby wash and hair wash. Naturally enhance bath time with our especially formulated wash for baby including New Zealand organic ingredients such as soothing chamomile for a clean calm baby.
*EXP: Dec/2022

Natural Baby Bum Bum Balm with Manuka Honey – 4 oz x 1
Natural bum bum balm helps protect and sooth baby with our especially formulated nappy balm.
*EXP: Jan/2023

Goats Milk Baby Soap With Manuka Honey – 2.65 oz x 1
Natural vegetable soap bar made of only pure natural New Zealand ingredients, no fragrance and pure chamomile for a calm, clean, happy baby.

Manuka Honey Peppermint Kids Toothpaste – 3.38 fl.oz x 1
Gentle on children’s teeth and gums. Manuka Honey has antibacterial properties, prevents plaque buildup, and protects teeth against decay and cavities.
*EXP: Jan/2023

Manuka Honey Sticks (MGO 250 certified) – 0.35 fl.oz x 5
Manuka honey uses experts say that to reap the Manuka honey benefits, you should take a dose of about 1 to 2 tablespoons a day. The easiest way to do this is to eat a spoonful straight (although, it’s intense).

However, you could incorporate it in to a smoothie, a meal, a salad dressing, tea or a slice of toast.

🐝For your reference:
The UMF number refers to the level of anti-bacterial property in the honey at the time of packaging.

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