For 35 years, U.S. Jaclean has been a pioneer in bringing healing techniques into your home through original, expertly-designed products.

Headquartered in California with facilities nationwide, we run our own warehouses right here in the United States. 35 years ago, founder Michael Kogure arrived from Japan with a singular mission: to improve the health and wellness of Americans through quality products that can be used from the comfort of home.  Over the years, U.S. Jaclean, Inc. has developed popular brands, opened stores throughout the nation, and introduced countless Americans to health and wellness products. Our family of brands has grown and diversified, always staying on the cutting edge of at-home health and wellness technologies

For decades the U.S. Jaclean brand has meant quality health, home, and fitness products at affordable prices. As we continue to grow and expand the U.S. Jaclean, Inc. product line to include more popular brands, the U.S. Jaclean name represents our family-owned company and our family of consumer wellness brands.

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We test and upgrade our products on a constant basis, and develop new merchandise according to consumer needs and demands.

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Every new feature that we introduce is the result of rigorous quality control testing and user feedback.

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